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Dragon Age Journeys

Dragon Age Journeys game

Dragon Age is the medieval fantasy RPG for the modern age. Branching storylines, player controlled progression, in-depth party interaction all made the game series the success that it is today. The first game, Dragon Age: Origins is fun and in-depth, players who wanted more also have the option to play Dragon Age Journeys – a multi-part, turn based, tactical-style RPG that brings all the action of this great game to your browser. With its light delivery yet intense gameplay, this is definite must play for any fans of the series. For those of you not familiar with Dragon Age, this is actually a good way to get acquainted with the series.

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Dragon Age Legends

Dragon Age Legends game

Deploying units, assigning actions, watching everything fall into place –these are the three basic things that one would expect with every match of a decently made tactics style RPG game. And Dragon Age Legends (much like its predecessor, Journeys) delivers exactly that and a little more. Of course, it goes without saying that this game will be appreciated more by those who have already played the main Dragon Age games (either Origins, Awakening, or even II –though we suggest that if you have not played II, play this first). Appreciated in terms of in-game narrative and storyline; but with regards to just the pure gameplay alone, Legends is a must try on all fronts –whether you have enjoyed the main games or not.

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