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Fun Single Player Tactics Game: Dragon Age Legends

The gameplay for Dragon Age Legends borrow much of the system present in the first DA tactics flash game, Journeys. You make a character, journey through maps, get more party mates (or, for those who got to play the original version, use your friends –if they too are playing the game), level up, farm items, etc. It is all well and good –and makes for a pretty darn interesting gameplay experience whether you already know the game series or not. The biggest caveat, the graphics; finely tuned character details, smooth movement animations, and satisfyingly designed attacks. It does not matter whether you have a rogue shooting a bow, a mage casting a spell, or a fighter slashing with a sword. Every attack turn is so satisfying to watch.

Before anything else, players should know, DA: Legends was originally designed as a free to play browser game. This means that it was not meant to be played from beginning to end in a single go (you would have to wait for turns and cooldowns). When the browser game was completed, they released a standalone single player game that you could play it straight without the social-networking bells and whistles. While we certainly appreciate the seamless and complete gameplay experience of the stand-alone versions, know that there are points when the action feels repetitive. In these moments, just play something else for an hour or so then go back to the game –it will feel perfectly natural.

Spell attacks, enemy types, locations and other lore based content will be the core elements of the game that fans will love. The artwork is stylized, but the look seems inspired from the prologue animations of the game. Either way, it is recognize the various enemy types –those who played the game will have the slight advantage of knowing beforehand how certain enemy units attack and how certain abilities work.

Min maxing is also present in the game with its basic item management system. Much like the main games, you get access to accessories, weapons, and armor. The stats are also the same so familiarity in either game (Legends or II) allows you to progress to the other.

Story-wise, Legends is set in between the events of Awakening and DA-II. Of course, this serves more of a prologue to II –and in following the theme of the main game, DA: Legends also focuses on the battle of the mages for acceptance to society. And also, the constant struggle fight off the demons of the fade that attempt to take control of their bodies. The narrative does not allow for much decision making (let alone any branching), but the additional Dragon Age lore is easy to digest and appreciate.

As expected, playing Dragon Age Legends and connecting it to your account allows you to access special items (only if you played other EA titles like Mass Effect 2, Spore, Dead Space, and others). Also, completing Legends will unlock bonuses in your Dragon Age 2 save file.